Krippner 1
Our March event provided attendees with a wonderful dream work evening with Dr. Stanley Krippner.
We were given three process to use to uncover the messages in our dreams and were able to hear Dr. Krippner work with individuals interpreting their dreams.
Dr. Krippner is a wonderful presenter and a delight as a teacher.
Krippner 2
August presentation with
  Colleen O’Rourke
Colleen provided Santa Rosa IONS members a look at the talents of highly sensitive people.  During the presentation, attendees focused on an undisclosed issue of a audience volunteer, who then received extrasensory input and messages regarding the issue.
It is wonderful when we can come together to help others, using our talents, energy and intent.
Colleen Pic 1

Colleen Pic 2

July 12, 2012

Left Brain, Right Brain
 Santa Rosa IONS had a special treat when visiting IONS scholar Michael Bloch presented last week.
 Michael not only provided left brain and right brain information but also related it to consciousness
experiments, in true Noetic style.
Michael Bloch presentation1
Michael spoke about the “double-slit experiment” and mentioned that we can take
part in this long-term, multi-phase project being conducted at IONS.
Michael Bloch Presentation 3

Michael Bloch Presentation2


June 21, 2012

A large gathering of 80 people enjoyed Mark Johnson’s Chi=mc2 presentation last Thursday, June 12th. We were lead through the body energy systems one by one, culminating in a group healing session.

Concluding the evening was a “Rainbow Healing” event where everyone got a chance to walk a long corridor between two rows of people, pulling down love and healing into them.  There were smiles on many faces as the energy flowed. 


Mark is pictured below with his daughter Sita Claire. We all were treated to being a part of Sita’s 23rd birthday celebration.

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